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The benefits of taking part in physical activity ‘outweigh the risks’ for people with long-term health conditions – FACT! 
This month a major review of scientific evidence and expert clinical consensus has concluded that physical activity is safe, even for individuals living with symptoms of multiple conditions. 
Lyndsey Barrett, Occupational Therapist and SFC Founder, says: “This report categorically supports the foundations on which Sport For Confidence is built. Every day, our team of occupational therapists and sports coaches witness the far reaching mental and physical health benefits regular physical activity delivers to those experiencing a range of long term health conditions. 
“Earlier this year, in a public address, Chief Medical Officer, Professor Chris Witty, stated: “There is no situation, there is no age and no condition where exercise is not a good thing’. This consensus adds even more weight to his comment and I hope it will empower many other health professionals to integrate exercise into treatment plans, helping many more people gain the access to sport and physical activity they deserve.” 
It is a well-established fact that one on four people in the UK are living with a long term health condition and this group is twice as likely to be inactive as the rest of the population, despite the fact that an active lifestyle can help manage many conditions and reduce the impact and severity of some symptoms. 
Many barriers to participation exist for those living with long term health conditions, including a concern that physical activity may exacerbate certain conditions or that medical clearance should be sort before recommending an increase in activity levels. By clarifying safety considerations, and bridging the gap between evidence, clinical and public health guidelines and people’s lived experience, this consensus will start to break down these barriers.” 
Barrett continues: “The consensus puts aside any doubt that physical activity delivers positive outcomes for almost everyone. Sport For Confidence has been using sport and physical activity to deliver positive occupational outcomes for many years and it is now my hope that many more health professionals will feel empowered to play their part in tackling inactivity. 
“Whilst this is a really positive outcome, there is still much to be done to level up inequalities that exist in sport and health. Now we have the evidence to support the fact that physical activity is safe for those with long term heath conditions, we need to focus on supporting people into inclusive opportunities so that everyone can enjoy a fun, outcome driven, fulfilling relationship with physical activity.” 
To read more about the consensus click here 
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