Stronger My Way 
Strength and Balance Service 
Our Strength and balance service has developed a pathway which aims to support people to gain confidence in accessing regular physical activity opportunities and has been designed to help bridge the gap between therapy services and leisure centres. This pathway seeks to provide opportunities which ensure sustainable participation in strength and balance activities and promote functional ability and empowerment. The classes are suited for people who have fallen, are at risk of falling or are fearful of falling. 
The Stronger My Way sessions form part of this offer with local NHS providers which allows a collaborative approach between physiotherapy and occupational therapy enabling access to strength and balance-based exercises that can be replicated at home, whilst also engaging in fun and varied sporting activities. 
Our Occupational Therapist grades and adapts the activities within the session and provides education on how to manage falls at home and in the community. Outside of the sessions, the Occupational Therapist enables people to try other meaningful local community activities which will continue to encourage engagement in physical activity and can accompany people in taking these first steps to ensure sustainability. This approach is intended to support in maintaining independence, build resilience and improve personal safety. The Occupational Therapist can also complete external referrals to local organisations if relevant. 
Placing Occupational Therapists in a mainstream community setting can help support the prevention of hospital admissions and demand on social care services for the individual. Stronger my Way has made a wider impact and created a system change by removing barriers (fixed service duration boundaries and criteria) and allowing people to access occupational therapists in the right place and at the right time. 
How can we help? 
• Provide 1:1 assessment to identify barriers to accessing physical activity. 
• Identify local community activities that are meaningful to you. 
• Provide education around managing falls at home and in the community. 
• Tailor exercises to suit the individual. 
• Complete external referrals to local organisations. 
• Provide holistic support to individuals through each stage of the pathway. 
• Ensure everyone can participate safely in physical activity. 
Colchester Leisure World – Wednesdays - 10am - 10:45am 
Clacton Leisure Centre – Tuesdays - 10am – 10:45am 
Basildon Sporting Village – Mondays - 1:45 - 2:30pm 
Contact us here if you would like further information about our Strength and Balance service 
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