Sport England System Partner 
Health professionals everywhere will play their part in enabling individuals and populations to engage in sport, physical activity, and meaningful movement. 
Our Guiding Principles 
Listen First 
We have evidence, knowledge, and a strong belief that healthcare professionals have a key role in reducing inequalities by embedding physical activity in healthcare practise, which if widespread could make a big difference to society. However, encouraging news ways of working in healthcare impacts on teams and ultimately people’s lives, therefore ‘listening first’ we believe, will be key to success. 
Sport for Confidence believes in reciprocal learning between the participants, the employees, and other key partners. We believe in the power of collective planning and ensuring a diversity of thought. Therefore, everything we do, we will strive for a high quality co-productive approach and be open and transparent about how we have or have not achieved this. 
Work with Partners 
Our vision is directly linked to the Sport for Confidence model and therefore unique, however we are not alone in our direction of travel to influence healthcare organisations to imbed physical activity. We know that collaborative working is key to reducing inequalities and therefore we aim to partner with other organisations where possible. 
Stay Grounded 
Having goals, targets and a clear focus is so important to drive change, however it can also be restrictive when working within an ever-changing reality. For example, our focus on occupational therapists plays to our strengths at Sport for Confidence and helps to define our part in the health, sport and leisure landscape. However, working with all healthcare groups may be more conducive to the real world. We will therefore have mechanisms in place which support a check and challenge approach, be adaptable and responsive to a real world context and welcome diversity of thought to our work. 
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