Long Covid Pathway 

Long Covid or Post COVID-19 Syndrome, describes a number of signs and symptoms that develop following infection of COVID-19. These symptoms continue for more than 12 weeks after infection and cannot be explained by another diagnosis or health condition. 
Commonly reported symptoms are: 
• fatigue 
• breathlessness 
• chills and sweats 
• a fast heart rate at rest or on exertion 
• headaches 
• poor concentration and short term memory problems 
• muscle weakness 
• pain – back/joint/muscular and chest 
• anxiety 
• dizziness 
• flare up/exacerbation of pre-existing health problems 
• loss of taste and smell 
• numbness/ pins and needles 
• insomnia 
• hormonal imbalance 
The role of Occupational Therapy in Long Covid 
The Sport for Confidence Long Covid pathway is an Occupational Therapist lead provision provided for individuals experiencing Post Covid 19 Syndrome (Long Covid). The Sport for confidence Occupational therapist facilitates person-centered assessments and discussions, delivered in a way that respects personal, spiritual, religious, and cultural needs and choices. The aim of the service is to determine what matters to the individual, their current level of occupational performance, and their intervention goals which is supported by guidance from RCOT. 
The Occupational Therapist aims to help participants understand how to approach managing symptoms whilst retuning to engagement in daily activities and physical activity. The Occupational Therapists presents this through practical application the educational sessions to meaningful activities in daily life.  
This includes: 
• Understanding fatigue, breathlessness, and other symptoms. 
• Improving social health and wellbeing 
• Manage cognitive changes. 
• Planning, pacing, and prioritising. 
• Establishing activity Tolerance. 
• Coping strategies. 
• Hydration and nutrition. 
• Sleep hygiene. 
• Returning to work. 
• Gentle physical activity (guided by the Occupational Therapist) 
• Deconditioning. 
• Energy conservation. 
How can we help you? 
If you have completed or are due to complete the NHS Long Covid Online sessions with the Suffolk and North East Essex Long Covid Assessment Service (SNELCAS), ask the leaders of the programme about the Sport for Confidence Long Covid Programme. 
If you would like further information about our Long Covid Pathway please contact us 
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