In addition to our delivery models, virtual service and national work – we proactively collaborate with organisations to share our collective expertise and apply our fundamental beliefs around overcoming physical inactivity. 
Here are a few examples that we have delivered in the past: 
Boccia England 
Since Spring 2018, Sport for Confidence have been consulting to Boccia England in the following ways: 
1. The writing and publication of the Boccia Guide for Occupational Therapists 
2. A defined piece of scoping and piloting work for Boccia England concluding that current evaluation methods and tools were not sufficiently inclusive and accessible. 
3. Securing a fully funded PhD studentship which seeks to develop more inclusive and accessible methods of evaluating participation in sport and physical activity. 
Self Care Confident Programme 
Aim: To promote, encourage and enhance self-care confidence. 
Sport for Confidence work in partnership with Essex County Council to contact people who have not had any direct communication with the local authority for an extended period of time (approx. 12 months). 
Our contact will initially involve a “conversation” to ascertain the well-being of the individual. This welfare check call will allow us to determine any needs that can be passed back to the local authority for further intervention. 
During the conversation with the individual we will discuss their routines, habits and lifestyle to establish any gaps or potential issues with their self-care confidence that can be addressed through either a gift, the digital toolkit, or telephone support. A visit will then be arranged. 
By recognising a potential gap or challenge with an individual’s self-care confidence we hope to address this quickly and avoid the need for long term local authority intervention. For example a care package. Using the Occupational Therapist’s experience, we would identify the most suitable gift to address a particular clients challenge. For example; remembering to care for a plant helps the individual remember to look after themselves on a basic level (wash, shower, bathe, dress, clean teeth, hair and cut nails, eat and drink regularly) or look after themselves on a higher level (engage in activities, meet up with friends and family etc). 
We would like to educate people to understand the importance of taking care of themselves and the positive impact this will have on their daily life. We feel that concentrating on self-care covers the physical, mental and social aspect of life as our intervention is designed to increase opportunities and choices regarding movement, mental stimulation and social interaction all of which enhance self-care and lead an individual to become self-care confident. 
The ProActive Programme focuses on building confidence and self-esteem and supporting young people to be more active, using beach volleyball as a therapeutic activity. 
Sport for Confidence collaborated with a community sports partnership and local school to specifically deliver the programme to disengaged females at a local school. Sport for Confidence delivered the programme in partnership with a professional athlete. 
Learning outcomes: 
• To encourage young people to explore, introduce, and embed a physical activity into their everyday lives. 
• To provide education on the benefits of physical activity on physical health and emotional 
• To introduce well-being strategies and tools to support young people with the challenges of Covid-19 and lockdown and to help manage stress and anxiety. 
• To build confidence in engaging in sport and physical activity, increase self-esteem, to maintain ongoing participation. 
• To encourage young people to be more active, to learn beach volleyball skills and have fun. 
We welcome new ideas and partnerships and if you would like to collaborate do get in touch.  
We love innovation and opportunity! 
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