In addition to our delivery models, virtual service and national work – we proactively collaborate with organisations to share our collective expertise and apply our fundamental beliefs around overcoming physical inactivity. 
Here are a few examples that we have delivered : 
Long Covid Pathway 
The Sport for Confidence Long Covid pathway is an Occupational Therapist lead provision provided for individuals experiencing Post Covid 19 Syndrome (Long Covid). The Sport for confidence Occupational Therapist facilitates person-centered assessments and discussions, delivered in a way that respects personal, spiritual, religious, and cultural needs and choices. The aim of the service is to determine what matters to the individual, their current level of occupational performance, and their intervention goals which is supported by guidance from RCOT. 
Strength and Balance 
Our Strength and Balance service has developed a pathway which aims to support people to gain confidence in accessing regular physical activity opportunities and has been designed to help bridge the gap between therapy services and leisure centres. This pathway seeks to provide opportunities which ensure sustainable participation in strength and balance activities and promote functional ability and empowerment. The classes are suited for people who have fallen, are at risk of falling or are fearful of falling. 
Occupational Therapy in Primary Care 
Occupational Therapists (OTs) are increasing in their role in Primary Care, working together with General Practitioners (GPs) as well as other community services as part of the Primary Care Network – working together to proactively care for the people and the local community they serve closer to home. 
The ProActive Programme focuses on building confidence and self-esteem and supporting young people to be more active, using beach volleyball as a therapeutic activity. 
Sport for Confidence collaborated with a community sports partnership and local school to specifically deliver the programme to disengaged females at a local school. Sport for Confidence delivered the programme in partnership with a professional athlete. 
Learning outcomes: 
• To encourage young people to explore, introduce, and embed a physical activity into their everyday lives. 
• To provide education on the benefits of physical activity on physical health and emotional 
• To introduce well-being strategies and tools to support young people with the challenges of Covid-19 and lockdown and to help manage stress and anxiety. 
• To build confidence in engaging in sport and physical activity, increase self-esteem, to maintain ongoing participation. 
• To encourage young people to be more active, to learn beach volleyball skills and have fun. 
We welcome new ideas and partnerships and if you would like to collaborate do get in touch.  
We love innovation and opportunity! 
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