In our latest blog and to celebrate Pride Month we get to know Charlie Collins, our Coach at The Feel Good Centre, Waltham Forest and Project Co-ordinator for our National Team!  
'Hi, I’m Charlie Collins, Sport for Confidence Coach and National Team Project Co-Ordinator. I am blessed to have two roles within Sport for Confidence. As a Coach at Waltham Forest Feelgood Centre I get to experience the joy of delivering sport sessions to individuals with varying barriers to participation. I am part of a team with Hannah Webster, Occupational Therapist, we strive to make each day at the leisure centre varied, enjoyable and beneficial. Although our timetable stays consistent our sessions are diverse, from Supported Gym to Water Based Exercise, Boccia and Multi-sports. Laughter and a sense of community are a part of all sessions offered. I really enjoy spending time with participants and sharing their daily wins and the positive effects that the skills developed with the support of Sport for Confidence, can have in their everyday life. My role within the National Team allows me to ensure that the work our Delivery Team do in leisure centres is shared and showcased across Health and Social Care, Sport and Leisure. A large part of my role is focused on participant engagement, making sure that our participants opinions are heard and we are delivering what they want, in terms of their Sport for Confidence experience. 
Previously to my work with Sport for Confidence I have worked in social research and founded my own Personal Training and Coaching business. As well as continuing to learn, expand my knowledge and understanding, I use all the attributes I have developed previously, in my work with Sport for Confidence. My roles are challenging and fun, and I feel as though I am finally in the right place to truly experience job satisfaction. 
My first experience of Sport for Confidence was quite a few years ago, attending a Boccia session to support a family member living with Autism and Learning Disability. I immediately loved the model of having a Coach and Occupational Therapist at the leisure centre. My family member became a regular, and I would go with them to support as often as I could. The sense of community and fun in the sports hall was incredible, every session I went to was lively, uplifting and such great fun. When the opportunity to work with Sport for Confidence as a Coach arose, I jumped at the chance and have been happily coaching ever since. The role of Project Co-Ordinator came up last year, and it gave me a chance to explore the behind the scenes work that my colleagues do, and it’s wonderful to also be involved in that. 
The best thing about working for Sport for Confidence is that I look forward to my days, whether it be a day coaching or a day in the office. The balance is great, and I don’t get the pre-work Sunday night blues anymore! To anyone who is thinking about applying for a role here, I would say “go for it, it will change your life, for the better! And in doing so you get the chance to have an incredibly positive impact on other peoples’ lives too!” 
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