Kerys joined the team in August 2023 as our new Occupational Therapy Assistant in the north of Essex and previously worked as a professional dancer working across the world in films and music videos. Kerys then worked in healthcare for five years alongside people with mental health, learning disabilities, Autism and physical disabilities. Outside of work Kerys enjoys, camping, dancing, travelling to new places and walking in the countryside. 
Hi Kerys! 
What made you want to become an Occupational Therapy Assistant 
'The main reason i wanted to become an OTA is because I wanted to be able to be in a work setting where I could help people and improve their quality of life, I have previously attended Sport for Confidence session as a support worker and got to see all the amazing work the OT's and the OTA's were able to provide and i knew this was something i wanted to do.' 
How did you become aware of Sport for Confidence? 
'I was previously a support worker and i used to bring one of our service users to sport for confidence sessions, this service user was then given the opportunity to apply for an assistant coach role within the team he was successful, and it was heartwarming to see the equal opportunities that sport for confidence were able to offer. The support that sport for confidence staff gave this service user was person centred and they went above and beyond to facilitate the needs of this individual. I then started supporting more participants to attend sessions at Sport for Confidence.' 
What are you enjoying most about your role with Sport for Confidence so far? 
'There are so many things I enjoy about my role with Sport for Confidence, every day is different and being able to help facilitate participants access to the leisure facilities and take part in activities they may not have done for years or because they have additional needs is beautiful to see.' 
What advice would you give to anyone thinking about a career as an OTA? 
'100% DO IT! So far i have learnt so much from being an OTA, All the OT's at Sport for Confidence offer advice and there is so much  
opportunity to absorb their knowledge and learn from your colleagues.' 
Welcome to the team, Kerys! 
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