Sport for Confidence is a pioneering organisation, driving the provision of inclusive sporting opportunities and occupational therapy expertise in mainstream community facilities and spaces. People come to the Sport for Confidence model to experience the physical, mental and social benefits of activity and moving more.  
The Stay Connected service is our first point of call to ensure we offer participants the right support, at the right time and in the right way. 
What can we help with? 
Once contact has been made, the Occupational Therapist will triage the information and identify the most appropriate and relevant support that we can offer at that time. The following support can be categorised below: 
Telephone support; this consists of a 4 week scheduled wellbeing support call from an Occupational Therapist following the Royal College of Occupational Therapy (RCOT) guidance talking about what matters to you. 
Resources; this consists of a variety of helpful documents that include digital inclusion guidance, anxiety management, coping strategies, NHS guidance, ideas to engage in meaningful activity and many more. 
• Leisure Centre activity; Sport for Confidence delivery sites 
Personalised physical activity videos; this consists of a personalised video from one of our coaching team to an individual who is not ready to join group situations but is keen for 1 – 1 support. 
Zoom workouts; this consists of our weekly virtual opportunities delivered by Coach and 
Occupational Therapist via Zoom, including low and high intensity groups, interest groups, participant voice groups and vocational groups. 
Other; this consists of collaborative signposting with alternative organisations and supporting clients to transition into community based activities and other relevant meaningful opportunities. 
If you would like support from Sport for Confidence please do complete our online participant information sheet - Attendee Signup - Upshot and an Occupational Therapist will be in touch as soon as possible. 
We still run our virtual opportunities for those wanting to take part in sport and physical activity in the home 
For any further questions please contact  
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