A national programme with Sport for Confidence CIC and ERS Medical will see elderly, disabled and other marginalised groups access sessions to improve physical and mental health. 
ERS Medical, the UK’s leading healthcare transport provider, is partnering with Sport for Confidence CIC to reduce health inequalities via a national programme of physical wellbeing sessions. The programme, which will be free for participants to join, will cater to anyone from disabled, elderly and other marginalised groups. It is designed to improve activity levels, increase confidence as well as promote mental wellbeing. 
Sessions will be held virtually to begin with and will run for one hour. All sessions will include an occupational therapist from Sport for Confidence providing guidance around self-care, sense of belonging, the negative impact of inactivity and how physical activity can be used for occupational outcomes. A Sport for Confidence coach will then provide the physical element in each session, which is called “Love to Move” – a programme specifically designed to get older people moving more and functioning better, utilising gymnastic foundation skills, cognitive stimulation therapy and social interaction activities. New participants will also get an opportunity to hear from people who have previously benefitted from the “Love to Move” programme. 
Andrew Pooley, Chief Executive of ERS Medical, comments: “As part of ERS Medical’s social value model, we wanted to partner with a progressive organisation to help us do more in the way of reducing health inequalities – a key priority for the healthcare sector. As a national provider of specialist transport services, we want to help our patients get access to these physical health sessions, which can not only improve physical health, but can also contribute to mental wellbeing and reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness. 
“We’ve invested in the expertise of Sport for Confidence as we believe there are many synergies between our company values. We very much look forward to rolling out this programme with them and hopefully helping as many people as we can.” 
Jake Turner, Operations Director at Sport for Confidence, adds: “Our mission at Sport for Confidence is to break down barriers to sport and physical activity in order to create a more equitable society. This partnership with ERS aligns perfectly to this ambition and reiterates our focus towards our Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) model. It also enables Sport for Confidence to extend our influence beyond our own growing network, helping us to support groups of people and individuals on a national level that we would otherwise struggle to reach and demonstrate the value and role our team of Occupational Therapists and Coaches have within the wider eco system.’’ 
Sport for Confidence CIC is a rapidly growing organisation with a clear vision to help create an equitable society - tackling inequalities so that everyone can enjoy movement, activity, wellbeing and relationships. 
Sessions are due to commence from 1st May 2022, with the first one being held in the South of the country.  
Hospitals and patient group representatives interested in finding out about these free sessions can email pressoffice@ersmedical.co.uk. 
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