This National OT Week we introduce you to two of our newest team members - Aimee Nuttall, our new Occupational Therapist working in our Specialist Provision team and Andy Chapman who has joined us as part of our National Team! 
We sat down with Aimee and Andy for a chat to get to know them a little better - 
Hi Aimee and Andy! 
🌟 What made you want to become an Occupational Therapist? 
Aimee: Whilst training to be an accountant, I volunteered at a charity for Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities. I knew instantly that I wanted to change my career and have a job where I could support people to overcome challenges and live better lives. 
Andy: I live with cerebral palsy and my journey to becoming an OT started at the London 2012 Paralympics. I witnessed the importance of sport and physical activity to people living with disability, whilst understanding the day-to-day challenges the population faces, including barriers to being active. 
🌟 What is your role within Sport for Confidence? 
Aimee: I am delivering a new service in a Primary Care Network, which aims to tackle health inequalities. This includes supporting people with Learning Disability Annual Health Checks and increasing access to Occupational Therapy and Physical Activity for people who are living in care homes or socially isolated. 
Andy: I work in the national team. This team was formed to respond to Sport England’s ‘uniting the movement’ strategy and from associated funding received, to support national initiatives, including promoting sport and physical activity within OT. 
My role focuses on participant engagement and utilising the lived experience voice. 
🌟 What do you find the most rewarding aspect of working in OT? 
Aimee: I love that every day, I know I have made a positive difference (be it big or small) to someone’s life. 
Andy: I love utilising my own lived experiences, including input I have previously received from OTs, to make a positive difference to others. 
🌟 What have you enjoyed the most, so far, about working for Sport for Confidence? 
Andy: I love the camaraderie as well as the passion for sport and physical activity shared amongst the team and seeing the difference that this makes to participants attending the sessions. 
Aimee: I have really enjoyed the feeling of being part of a team that all want to make a difference and who are not afraid to rise to the challenge of breaking down barriers. 
🌟 Have you got any advice for anyone thinking about embarking upon a career in OT? 
Andy: I took six years to qualify so I could best manage my disability. Utilise the learning and available support to be a good OT to yourself! 
Aimee: Do it! And remember that your own life experiences will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and skills that can be transferred in Occupational Therapy. 
Welcome to the team, Aimee and Andy! 
Meet the rest of the Sport for Confidence team here  
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