About Us

What is Sport for Confidence all about?

Sport for Confidence is a unique, award winning pioneering organisation, driving the provision of inclusive sporting opportunities in mainstream leisure facilities. People come to Sport for Confidence sessions to experience the physical, mental and social benefits of activity and exercise, all sessions are active, fun and accessible. 

Sport for Confidence programmes place health professionals and specialist coaches into leisure centres, to provide inclusive sporting opportunities to people who face barriers to participation, including those with learning disabilities, mental health issues, dementia, autism, physical impairment or disability, homelessness, and many other complex health needs. 

The role of the health professional and sports coaches ensure the environment is accessible and sessions are adaptive, making reasonable adjustments and breaking down barriers to ensure that a persons first experience is a positive one.

Attendance at Sport for Confidence promotes independence, improves confidence and self-esteem to support individuals to gain the full physical and mental benefits of physical activity. The role of the allied health professional also offers the chance to signpost clients to relevant support services in the health, sport and leisure sector.

Additionally, we work with a range of different partners, ranging from regional and national public health teams, national governing bodies of sport, local clubs, charities and many more. Our growing team of allied health professionals and specialised coaches enables us to use our knowledge, expertise and experience in a consultancy format supporting organisations strategically. Our goal is to support all of these organisations to make reasonable adjustments to ensure the provision of sport is as inclusive as possible. We deliver workshops and training to a wide range of clientele offering bespoke packages where fit, if you feel we could be of assistance to your organisation please contact us at info@sportforconfidence.com.


Sophie Garratt
Occupational Therapist
Sophie is an Occupational Therapist who has ten years of experience in the healthcare sector. She is passionate about encouraging individuals to access their local leisure centres as a way of improving both their health and wellbeing. Sophie spent sixteen years at a dance school which enabled her to learn new skills, make friends, relieve stress and have fun! Sophie recently trained as Mental Health First Aider and has a good understanding of the psychological benefits linked to engaging in physical activity. She is excited about being the first Occupational Therapist to work in a Westminster Leisure Centre!
Megan Potts
Occupational Therapist
Megan has a BSc in Psychology and a background in amputee rehabilitation. Whilst Megan was completing her master’s degree Occupational Therapy, she was introduced to Sport for Confidence and witnessed first-hand the positive physical, mental and social impact it has on the service user’s health and well-being. This then led her to volunteer at Sport for Confidence alongside studying. Since qualifying Megan has then worked as an OT in the community learning disabilities team. Megan is an avid runner and an aerial circus performer in her spare time, she has always valued the importance of participating in physical activity in creating a balanced lifestyle.
Lisa Strong
Occupational Therapist
Lisa qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 2017 and has worked for the NHS in the local community rehab team for the last 18 months, leading exercise groups. Lisa has been a professional singer for 23 years and recently started her own choir called ‘The Feel Good Choir’ in her home town of Walton. This group has been a great success and improved this lives of people living with anxiety, depression and bereavement increasing confidence and spreading happy vibes. She looks forward to applying all of her experience to create a sense of inclusive community at the heart of Clacton Leisure Centre.
Lyndee Oscar
Occupational Therapist
Lyndee is passionate about empowering others to achieve their full potential through activity and rehabilitation exercise and since graduating as an Occupational Therapist 12 years ago she has combined her skills as an OT within the NHS on the orthopaedic and surgical wards. Lyndee has been a registered osteopath for over 28 years dealing with a vast range of musculoskeletal conditions. She is dedicated to preventing back pain and is a Trustee of BackCare UK. Lyndee is a great promoter of ‘prevention is better than cure’ and positive health activities.
Tom Doughty
Head Coach North Essex
In his full-time role at Sport For Confidence, Tom will oversee coaching at Witham, and will also supervise Colchester and Clacton programmes and coaches, working alongside an allied health professional. Tom coaches a range of sports including multisports, boccia, swimming and dodgeball. In addition to coaching weekly sessions, Tom is also responsible for engaging with local community groups including GPs, nursing teams, carers, and schools.
Sinead Kelly
Occupational Therapist
Sinéad has a background in adapted Physical Activity and outdoor education. As part of her first degree, she spent 6months in Alaska assisting in the design and implementation of an activity camp for individuals with learning disabilities. After completing her degree Sinead went on to complete a Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy. Sinéad has a love for all things sport and an ambition to make sport accessible to all.”
Jake Turner
Operational Manager & Behaviour Advisor
Jake has a FdSc in Analysis and Intervention in Intellectual Disabilities after studying at The Tizard Centre, Kent University. Jake has 8 years of experience working with people with learning disabilities, mental health conditions and physical disabilities across a range of different challenging settings. Jake is a semi professional footballer in his spare time and aims to deliver therapeutic interventions for individuals through physical activity and sport ensuring anyone's first visit to a leisure centre is a positive experience.
Jack Edgar
Head Coach
Jack has over 10 years coaching experience with a wide array of qualifications. Jack is responsible for leading up to 20 unique and inclusive sessions per week including Cycling, Basketball, Boccia, Fencing and many more. Jack mentors and oversees Coach Core apprentices who are the next generation of inclusive coaches. Jack prides himself on ensuring Sport for Confidence sessions are of the highest quality.
Fanuel Chivasa
Sports Coach
Fanuel took part in the Coach Core apprenticeship, and qualified as a Sports Coach with Sport for Confidence in November 2018. Fanuel feels that Coach Core and Sport for Confidence has truly changed his life. Fanuel is thriving on being given the opportunity to coach participants with a range of different needs and hopes to help individuals to change their lives through participation in sport for the better. Fanuel classes himself as an 'all rounder' sportsman with a particular interest in Parkour, Calisthenics and Gymnastics.
Anna Pettican
Senior Occupational Therapist & Projects Manager
Anna is passionate about inclusive sports and is currently completing a PhD at the University of Essex, which explores participation in a community football project for people with mental health problems from the perspectives of those that took part. Anna qualified as an occupational therapist in 2003 and then practiced predominantly in mental health. She has also spent time working as a Research and Development Officer at the Royal College of Occupational Therapists and as a Lecturer in Occupational Therapy at the University of Essex.
Lucy Goldup
Occupational Therapist
Lucy has worked as a qualified Occupational Therapist for the last 9 years in Learning Disability and Mental Health Services. She has a passion for working within the Learning Disability field and believes that activity and accessing mainstream services attributes to individuals health and well-being. It allows individuals to develop important life skills as well as having a positive impact on their self-esteem and confidence. The sports for confidence initiative plays a key role in this.
Grant Davis
Grant is our lead coach for Witham Leisure Centre, he completed his Coach Core apprenticeship in 2016/17. Grant runs the model alongside Jake delivering a range of different sporting opportunities using the facilities available in Witham. Grant has a real passion for CrossFit and attends frequently in his spare time. 
Lyndsey Barrett - Sport for Confidence
Lyndsey Barrett
Co-Founder and Senior OT
Lyndsey has 20 years’ experience as an active Occupational Therapist working with people with learning disabilities, Aspergers and mental heath issues. It was her love for sport that planted the idea of sport as a tool for assessment and developing life and social skills with her clients. Lyndsey has grown Sport for Confidence from just one participant to where it is today. But she won’t stop there, Lyndsey is committed to seeing an #AHP in every leisure centre in the country.
Linda Agnew
Independent Occupational Therapist
Linda has been an occupational therapist for 35 years. She has worked in mental health, learning disabilities, general hospital and community teams. She has also been a director of strategy and development and director for Allied Health Professionals.  Linda uses her skills in health economics and measuring outcomes to produce case studies and reports. Linda is currently Chair of the English Board of Occupational Therapists and vice-chair of the Council for the Royal College of Occupational Therapists.
Katie Lewis
Communications Consultant
Katie has spent the last 20 years working in sport and leisure and the last 14 years specialising in delivering communication strategies to brands in these sectors. With a personal passion for sport, Katie has an ambition to get more people, more active, more often – a perfect fit with Sport For Confidence! Katie is on board to communicate programme successes to key stakeholders including leisure operators, participants, carers and healthcare professionals.